RntS 2 Mile Handicap Relay 2023

A few tables to peruse after the inaugural (and fun) 2 mile Handicap Relay:

First, the team table, in finish order, sortable into finish times:

Finish OrderTeamMembersFinish Time 100723
18Lavona, Andy, Kevin H48:52
29Marie P, Evette, Jimmy48:21
37Mark, Teresa F, Kirsty D49:57
410Chris L, Bob L, Shane48:28
52Sarah, Will, Alex J53:53
611Francesca, Paul, Ant49:19
76Tasha, Alex W, Kyle52:18
81Grania, Steve, David C54:58
94Angie H, Vikki, Lorraine54:20
105Lesley, Kirsty L, Andrew S54:06
113Candy, Cam, Cam55:38

Then Leg 1:

TeamMembersFinish Time 100723
8Lavona Rivington18:35
9Marie Pacey17:37
7Mark Riseborough18:28
10Chris Lubbock17:42
2Sarah Saunders23:46
11Francesca Iaccarino21:33
6Tasha Woodhouse23:06
1Grania O'Neill27:07
4Angie Harcourt20:51
5Lesley George20:52
3Candy White23:33

Leg 2:

TeamMembersFinish Time 100723
8Andy Payne16:18
9Evette Price17:46
7Teresa Futter17:57
10Bob Lyddon16:38
2Will Ayley-Dodd15:45
11Paul Woodhouse14:56
6Alex Wray15:21
1Steve Ellsey13:53
4Vikki Powles19:02
5Kirsty Lack18:53
3Cam Raven 116:39

Leg 3:

TeamMembersFinish Time 100723
8Kevin Heyhoe13:59
9Jimmy Goddard12:58
7Kirsty Daniels13:32
10Shane Hunt14:08
2Alex Joshua14:22
11Ant Cude12:50
6Kyle Hastings13:51
1David Coslett13:58
4Lorraine Hunt14:27
5Andrew Sutton14:21
3Cam Raven 215:26

Photos courtesy of Pete: