Worstead 5 (mile) and Norwich Pride 5k

Worstead 5

Official Results:
David C – 00:32:37.3
Ant – 33:33.9
Rob – 37:55.2
Paul – 38:55.5
Will – 39:33.1
Paula – 39:44.0
Lucy Mc – 44:35.0
Hayley – 45:48.6
Marie P – 46:38.2
Nita – 46:43.4
Kerrie – 48:00.7
Michelle – 49:43.1
Deb – 51:37.6

Norwich Pride 5k

Unofficial Result:

David R – 19:25 – 1st place


Sydney Harbour 5k

Thanks to Nur for her report this weekend:

This event will always remain special to me as it was the first ever race my son participated in. We each ran at our own pace. I was very happy to meet my target of finishing in under 29 mins but I was even happier to see my son pacing himself all the way and finishing well before me. Above everything else his participation in the event made me very proud.


The course was spectacular, especially at the start when the course took us under the Sydney Harbour bridge and in the second half when we ran along the promenade in Barangaroo, with the Opera House coming into full view as the course took us back under the harbour bridge for a second time as we approached the finish line. So glad the event coincided with our visit to Sydney.

Gun time 28:46

Thanks to Chris & Ceri for a parkrun report from Singapore:

Bishan Park parkrun, Singapore
A parkrun in Singapore was not what Ceri and I had originally planned – that was supposed to be the Singapore Masters International Track and Field event in which I was entered for the 100m, 200m and 400m and Ceri had entered for the 400m and 800m. But Singapore weather can be extreme and 82% of an expected month’s rainfall in a morning puts paid to lots of things!

So, instead, it was an early start on Saturday at the beautiful Bishan Park because parkrun in Singapore – and there are three of them – starts at 7.30am while the temperature is still in the low 30s. However, it’s the 85% humidity, rather than just the heat, that finishes you off. And for me, I don’t do distance anymore, just sprinting and never more than 400m – so 5k is well out of my comfort zone even when it’s cool. So the two laps were tough. Nevertheless, we got round, with our son Owain – who lives in Singapore – finishing 3rd overall while Ceri was first in her age group and I was second.

And then it was hydration, hydration, hydration and a cab back to Owain’s apartment to lie down!

Run Melbourne Half Marathon & Run Norwich 2023

Jetsetting Nur sent us this report from the other side of the world:

‘I participated in Run Melbourne half marathon today and finished in 02:11:58. It’s a very big event with thousands of runners doing one of three distances: 5k, 10k, half marathon. Choosing the half meant I got to enjoy running through more landmarks.

It was my first international event and I was very happy to represent RntS. I enjoyed it fully. ‘

Official Results:
Will – 50:53
Kel – 54:26
Laura W – 57:49
Teresa F – 57:53
Chris L – 57:53
Marie F – 1:02:07
Vikki – 1:08:02
Michelle – 1:08:02
Mark – 1:08:03
Alison – 1:09:25
Deb – 1:10:37
Lesley – 1:10:37
Denise – 1:16:54
Angie – 1:20:37

RntS 2 Mile Handicap Relay 2023

A few tables to peruse after the inaugural (and fun) 2 mile Handicap Relay:

First, the team table, in finish order, sortable into finish times:

Finish OrderTeamMembersFinish Time 100723
18Lavona, Andy, Kevin H48:52
29Marie P, Evette, Jimmy48:21
37Mark, Teresa F, Kirsty D49:57
410Chris L, Bob L, Shane48:28
52Sarah, Will, Alex J53:53
611Francesca, Paul, Ant49:19
76Tasha, Alex W, Kyle52:18
81Grania, Steve, David C54:58
94Angie H, Vikki, Lorraine54:20
105Lesley, Kirsty L, Andrew S54:06
113Candy, Cam, Cam55:38

Then Leg 1:

TeamMembersFinish Time 100723
8Lavona Rivington18:35
9Marie Pacey17:37
7Mark Riseborough18:28
10Chris Lubbock17:42
2Sarah Saunders23:46
11Francesca Iaccarino21:33
6Tasha Woodhouse23:06
1Grania O'Neill27:07
4Angie Harcourt20:51
5Lesley George20:52
3Candy White23:33

Leg 2:

TeamMembersFinish Time 100723
8Andy Payne16:18
9Evette Price17:46
7Teresa Futter17:57
10Bob Lyddon16:38
2Will Ayley-Dodd15:45
11Paul Woodhouse14:56
6Alex Wray15:21
1Steve Ellsey13:53
4Vikki Powles19:02
5Kirsty Lack18:53
3Cam Raven 116:39

Leg 3:

TeamMembersFinish Time 100723
8Kevin Heyhoe13:59
9Jimmy Goddard12:58
7Kirsty Daniels13:32
10Shane Hunt14:08
2Alex Joshua14:22
11Ant Cude12:50
6Kyle Hastings13:51
1David Coslett13:58
4Lorraine Hunt14:27
5Andrew Sutton14:21
3Cam Raven 215:26

Photos courtesy of Pete:



Holkham 10k 2023

Holkham 10k 2023.

Well.  What can I say.  Probably the same as a lot of people on Saturday, ‘never again’!  But, hey, today is a different day, so I guess most of us are saying that we probably will do it again!

The event was very well organised with a great event village.  The RntS competitors rendezvousing at the club flag.  The organisers had a very jovial master of ceremonies who did seem in awe of how lucky we are to train in and around Holkham.  And she liked my shorts (cow pants as she said)!

Club attendance was very good, with 21 runners completing the event, and no less than 10 more supporting and volunteering (I think I’ve got that right, if not do tell me so I can get you added to the club champs leaderboard).  Unfortunately for Michelle, injury stopped her part way into the event, but she stayed to cheer on her friends.

So, to the actual race…. Officially the hardest and slowest 10k I’ve ever done!

The start was very well organised, and we set off bang on 10 o’clock.  A nice run along the front of the hall, round to the previous parkrun route (I can’t say original, as it isn’t) over the cattle grid and left on to the gravel track.  I’d forgotten how it felt running up this.  Loose under foot, congested and hot, it was sapping.  A slight reprieve as we reached the top where there was some shade, the downside of this meaning there was no breeze.

Left at the top, a slight downhill and then left again on to the South Avenue.  By this point there were already a lot of people walking.  Making the most of the downhill we jogged down towards the crossroads at the bottom.  It was great to see that the water station had been relocated there from the Great Barn, meaning we would see it 4km and 8km, rather than just once at 5km.  A quick drink, and cheers supplied by fellow RntS Hayley and Jenny, and then up to the Great Barn, now on the current parkrun route.  Right at the top, then down the concrete track towards the RntS Feed Station 2 location for Sunday.

By now it was a case of ‘run to that point’ then walk, ad infinitum!   At this point we caught up with David, who, despite being 20mtrs ahead of us, with a head wind, could hear Vikki chatting away!  We caught up at the left turn back onto the South Avenue and had a quick chat.  All confirming (along with another runner) that we’d never seen so many people walk at an event!

Towards the South Gate and then right into Longlands, then right again back on to the gravel track, loudly supported and cheered on by Kevin.

Downhill all the way to the right-hand turn, then the drink station was in sight again.  Evette dowsing me with a cup of water down my back, another drink and left to the Obelisk.  The last uphill section.

All downhill now and past the icehouse, to the final corner.  The finish line was in site, the orange carpet of legends!  Cheered on by the other RntS and family, we made our way onto the carpet, and across the line.

A great medal and a can of cold Erdinger.  Both very well received.

We watched the rest of the RntS come in, got a photo of possibly the sweatiest RntS gang ever assembled and then headed our own ways.

For Michelle, Vikki and myself, it was down to the beach for a much needed cool off in the sea.  Then back into the park to watch my Nephew do the Junior Outlaw, whilst stuffing my face with the biggest portion of cheesy chips I’ve seen.

Things I learnt from Saturday….

  • If you check the weather forecast and seriously consider taking your hydration vest, do it (thank you for sharing Vikki).
  • No matter what I say after a run, I’ll probably do it again.
  • OSB put on superb events.
  • RntS is a fantastic club.

Home for a rest, before an early start to spend Sunday with the RntS family again at the Outlaw half marathon Feed Station two.  Cheering on club members Chloe and Hayley as they became Outlaws.


Official Results:
David C – 00:44:45
Kevin H – 00:46:03
Lorraine – 00:46:18 – 1st in class
Roland – 00:53:52
Ana – 00:56:53
Gemma – 00:56:54
Bob L – 00:59:33
Will – 01:00:52
Jade – 01:04:17
Marie – 01:04:49
Chris L – 01:05:01
Cam – 01:08:55
Andy – 01:09:00
Debs – 01:17:41
Vikki – 01:23:35
Mark – 01:23:36
Catherine – 01:25:54
Shirley – 01:28:48
David S – 01:31:18
Gill – 01:34:48
Angie – 01:34:49

Supported by:
Kevin B
Kevin S
Teresa A

Wroxham 5K

Thanks to Paul for the Wroxham 5K report:

Six RntS made the midweek journey to Wroxham for a very popular 5K on the racing calendar.

Number collection was straight forward as options were given, either post collection on earlier dates or on the night.

We all took up our positions at the start amongst the 900 plus competitors.

This is a fast course but numbers at the start could change this if caught in the wrong area.

Helped by signs for predicted times and paces it didn’t affect any of our runners w hi returned good times.

The course was well marshalled with good support for the runners.

Official Results:
Ant – 18:56
Paul – 22:01
Will  – 23:14
Andrew – 23:28
Laura W – 26:16
Deb – 29:33

Thanks to Libby for supporting photos.

Humpty Dumpty 10k

Thank you Hayley for this weekend’s report:

I haven’t run a 10k for a while and I was nervous about running this course as I had heard it was hilly and the weather was warmer than I’d like.

The start and finish is at Reedham village hall, I arrived far too early but calmed my nerves in the shade for a while. Once running I quickly settled into a steady pace and discovered the hills were flatter than I imagined and there was a lovely breeze across the fields. It is an undulating course but very pretty and takes in the villages of Reedham and Freethorpe. The roads are open to traffic but well marshalled and drivers were very considerate. There were two water stations and some friendly villagers offering support and sweets along the route. I forgot to spot the Humpty Dumpty Brewery on my way back to the village hall but I did notice a field of alpacas etc at Petitts, this made me smile all the way to the finish.

I enjoyed this run so much more than I anticipated and would highly recommend it. There were many age group prizes up for grabs and instead of a medal we were given a Humpty Dumpty Brewery glass at the finish. There was plenty of cake, bacon rolls and tea available at the finish.

I’m happy with my efforts in the heat and I’m left wondering if maybe I am a ‘summer runner’ after all.

Official Result:

Alex Moore Relay

Thanks to Andy for this week’s report:

A very hot day saw the return of the Alex Moore Relay. Hosted by the Norfolk Gazelles and based out of the Goat inn Skeyton (advantageous for much needed post-race hydration). On arrival the grounds were already a hive of activity with most of the Norfolk Running Clubs setting up their gazebos to provide some much-needed shade from the sun which was already intense at 08:30.

After posing for pre-race photos (many thanks to Pete Alder for all the pics from the day) we headed towards the start for the pre-race briefing where Alex Moore’s partner told us about some history on why the race was setup in his memory.

For those unfamiliar with the race format, it comprises of four legs being completed by teams of three.

First leg – Runner A completes one 2.2-mile lap.

Second Leg – Runner B completes two laps (4.4 mile)

Third Leg – Runner C completes two laps (4.4 miles)

Final Leg – All three runners run together on one final 2.2-mile lap.

The lap starts off with a gradual uphill which did offer a small amount of shade in places. This then turns into a slightly steeper hill and unfortunately at this point the shade disappears, and the sun was relentless. Luckily there’s a nice downhill section taking you back towards the Goat Inn and the start of the lap.

Some fantastic efforts were put in by everyone today. Special mentions to all the C runners who had to do the full three laps in one hit at the hottest part of the race.

As a club we had a fantastic turnout with 9 teams totalling 27 runners. We also had some top support from Pete Alder, Denise Leeder, Francesca Iaccorino and Mat Eyre which was very much appreciated.

Upon completion everyone stayed on for a BBQ/Picnic of sorts with the odd pint going down very well.

I can’t recommend this event enough for next year. The relay type event allows for some top-quality racing but also a great social event as well.

The Norfolk Gazelles have just opened entries for their Big Stampede at the Showground on the 1st of October which is also a great event (Teams of 4 each running a 5km) and hopefully a bit cooler.

I’m now off to continue re-hydrating.

Speedy Rnts – 1:33:16

  • David Coslett
  • Shane Hunt
  • Ant Cude

Smiles for Miles – 1:39:59

  • Lorraine Hunt
  • Kevin Heyhoe
  • Stuart Gollands

RSP no V – 1:42:13

  • Paul Woodhouse
  • Rob Jackman
  • David Ralph

Better Lace Than Never – 1:42:26

  • Will Ayley-Dodd
  • Ana Hills
  • Tara Betts

Runners-not-next-the-Sea – 1:44:15

  • Evette Price
  • Kevin Short
  • Liam Dawson

Run Now Wine later – 1:46:49

  • Kirsty Daniels
  • Paula Smith
  • Alex Wray

Team 69 – 1:50:07

  • Andy Payne
  • Sarah-Jane Smith
  • Bob Humphries

RntS Runts – 02:11:08

  • Mark Riseborough
  • Vikki Powles
  • Rachel Dawson

Run For Cake – 02:14:40

  • Kerrie Coslett
  • Hayley Eyre
  • Lucy MccAllum

All photos taken by Pete can be found here.