Royal Parks Half Marathon & Marriot’s Way 10k

Royal Parks Half Marathon

‘Lucy and I both entered the ballot last year, it is a run that we have both wanted to take part in for a while.  We were both successful and looked forward to the race.  We were not expecting it to be one of the hottest October days, but we were both looking forward to the route and running round the Royal Parks.

It was a 4:30am start for us to make sure we got to the race start on time.  The atmosphere at the event village was very relaxed which always makes me calm at the start of a race, we did not have too much hanging around and a 9:30 start was a nice time of day to start.  We got into our start pen and proceeded to walk to the start, this is not a big race compared to other London Races, a maximum of 16,000 people.  The race started and we headed off to Buckingham Palace, for those of you who have heard me talking about my London marathon experience, I failed to see Buckingham Palace at the end!!  I did not miss it this time as we ran passed it twice, we did a loop out and saw some sights, Big Ben, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, then headed up the Mall back towards Buckingham Palace, it felt very special running up the Mall.

We then went back into Hyde Park where the race started, this was the half way point and I mentioned to Lucy that we still had over 6 miles to go and not sure how we were going to fit it in, I need not have worried, the park is huge and a lovely place to run around, lots of weaving around and seeing other runners, trying to work out where we were going next.

The support around the whole course was fantastic and the volunteers were great, although I will point out that Lucy got a huge amount of support and cheering and I got very little, it became a running joke every time a spectator shouted ‘Come on Lucy’!  The race finished in the park running next to the Royal Alberts Hall.  I would highly recommend this run to anyone, such a lovely route and so much to see.  It is definitely my favourite half, made all the more better by getting to finally run around London with Lucy.’


Official Times:
Lucy Mc – 02:29:25
Kerrie – 02:29:25

Marriott’s Way 10k

Official Times:
Will – 0:49:03.8
John – 0:54:49.8
Marie P – 0:57:03.3
Debbie – 1:06:04.9
Chloe – 1:20:13.6

Norfolk Gazelles Big Stampede & Felbrigg Trail 10k

Norfolk Gazelles Big Stampede

‘Oh my!  What a fun event and a great turn out from the club.  Having never done this event before, I was a little nervous as I didn’t want to let my team mates down.  I know we all said we were going to ‘just enjoy it’ but we all gave our utmost.  My team consisted of me running the first leg (and I must say, I was very happy with my time, my fastest 5k in in over 32 months!), Jenny, Vikki and Cat C.  Everyone did brilliantly.

With 8 teams involved, and extra club members in attendance, the support was superb as you rounded the bend by the club gazebos three times (once each lap).

The weather was hot and humid, but didn’t rain like it did last year (I wasn’t there, but have been told it was awful).  The terrain was firm, although a few patches had been resurfaced so were a little loose under foot.

Once again, the club showed it’s true colours by joining Catherine and running the last few laps to give her support.  The cheers from the marshals and remaining runners won’t be forgotten by anyone who was there.

Would I do it again?  Yes, I think I would!’


Official Results:
Team:  Speedy Rnts
Total Time: 01:24:08
Individual Times:
Shane – 21:48.3
Ant – 21:51.0
Kevin H – 19:36.8
Andrew S – 20:44.6

Team:  Better Lace Than Never
Total Time: 01:25:44
Individual Times:
Liam – 19:47.1
Tara – 21:42.1
Will – 22:25.4
Ana – 21:46.2

Team:  Runners With No Name
Total Time: 01:28:13
Individual Times:
Stuart G – 23:10.0
Stuart W – 22:06.9
Kirsty D – 20:27.9
Alex W – 22:21.8

Team:  Just for Fun
Total Time: 01:29:00
Individual Times:
Paul – 22:48.7
Lorraine – 21:41.2
Rob J – 22:44.0
David R – 21:39.2

Team:  Three Ladies & a Photographer
Total Time: 01:52:00
Individual Times:
Hayley – 29:26.6
Lucy Mc – 26:18.4
Hayley – 28:48.0
Pete – 27:11.2

Team:  The Three Amigos (and that other chap)!
Total Time: 01:54:58
Individual Times:
Mark – 28:53.5
Jenny – 31:18.1
Vikki – 28:47.7
Cat C – 25:45.0

Team:  It seemed like a good idea at the time
Total Time: 01:59:43
Individual Times:
Lucy J – 32:31.9
Francesca – 30:48.0
Zoe – 27:10.6
Nita – 28:58.7

Team:  Ladies What Pootle
Total Time: 02:24:49
Individual Times:
Tasha – 36:43.4
Gill – 38:47.0
Candy – 35:04.0
Catherine – 33:58.4


Felbrigg Hall Trails (10k)

Official Results:
Sarah B – 1:13:45.1
Ceridwen – 1:15:36.2

RntS 2 Mile Handicap 2

The final handicap of the year as we finish the summer season for training.  Another great turnout with 40 club members running.  Thank you to Kevin S, Evette, Chris, Ceri and Lucy for volunteering (not an easy task in the fading light).

Here is the table of results in finishing position order.  You can also sort in name, predicted and finish time order.  You’ll also notice a column with the difference between predicted and actual finish time (not sortable due to plugin  limitations) .  A combined table at the bottom of the page shows Run 1 and Run 2 for comparison.

Well done everyone. 👍

PositionNameActual TimePredicted TimeDifference
6Chris L16:3218:40-02:08
16Lucy J20:4721:56-01:09
23Andrew S13:1612:21+00:55
31Denise L24:5525:00-00:05
34Andrew T14:4714:41+00:06
39Laura W17:4816:57+00:51
40Angie H22:1521:17+00:58

The combined table:

NameRun 1Run 2
David C12:23
David R13:02
Kevin H13:17
Bob H14:47
Rob J15:12
Angie B20:40
Andrew S12:2113:16
Andrew T15:5014:47
Chris L18:1016:32
Bob L16:5917:05
Marie P18:5317:43
Laura W17:1817:48
Lucy J20:47
Angie H22:15
Denise L24:55

Run Sandringham 10k, Bure Valley 10 Mile, Robin Hood Half Marathon & Norfolk Coastal Marathon/Half Marathon

Run Sandringham 10K

‘What a lovely day for Sandringham 10K, it started out a little drizzly but that soon cleared up.  This race is popular with RntS and locals alike so it was very busy at the start, getting into the car park was particularly challenging for lots and so the start had to be delayed while everyone got in and parked.

The car park challenge, loo queues (which were actually quite quick) and the 2 wave start also meant that we didn’t get the chance for a pre-race photo of everyone.

I love this race and course, the only bit that was not enjoyable last year was a short out and back section that was added just to make up the distance, this year they adjusted the start and finish points to remove this section which was great.  It’s a multi terrain course of grass, gravel path, tarmac and woodland trails which can be a bit tricky with some tree routes and uneven sections.  I almost came a cropper on an uneven section on a steepish downhill through the woods but fortunately managed to right myself – phew!

There was lots of support out on the course from fabulous marshals including Lucy H, our own personal photographer Pete and other RntS out to support – thank you all.  I enjoyed a gentle trot round and got the full benefit of faster RntS finishers supporting and cheering at the finish too.’


Official Results:
Tara – 00:46:56.9
Kevin S – 00:48:26.5
Andrew T – 00:49:12.6
Will – 00:50:02.9
Stuart G – 00:50:12.8
Malcolm – 00:52:24.3
Chris L – 00:56:55.0
Michelle – 01:03:37.2
Denise S – 01:04:22.2
Mark – 01:05:19.9
Vikki – 01:05:20.6
Debbie – 01:07:11.9
Francesca – 01:07:38.8
Lesley – 01:09:30.2
Catherine – 01:13:28.1
Christine  – 01:22:37.0
Cammille – 01:23:19.1
Angie – 01:25:29.6

Bure Valley 10 mile

Unofficial Results (Strava):
Lucy Mc – 01:35:10
Marie – 01:35:38
Kirsty L – 01:48:10

Robin Hood Half Marathon

Official Results:
John – 02:28:22

Norfolk Coastal Half Marathon (Saturday 23rd September 2023)

Official Results:

Jimmy 01:31:50
Kyle 01:37:43
Shane 01:48:14
Ceri 02:47:18

Norfolk Coastal Marathon (Saturday 23rd September 2023)

Official Results:

Lucy M 05:24:16
Kirsty L 05:44:26

Round Norfolk Relay 2023

A response from Kerrie who helped co-ordinate the club’s first ever entry into the Round Norfolk Relay.
17 Stages – 198 Miles
Cycle Support – Car Support
Time Keepers – Awesome Team Organisers
“A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the Round Norfolk Relay a big success. To all those who came out and watched at various stages and changeover points, the support crew of cyclists and car drivers for keeping all the runners safe, not an easy job on the Norfolk roads with some impatient drivers and to all the runners who had nerves to start with, excitement and the willing to run some crazy distances and at various times of the day. Each stage had its challenges and you all did such an amazing job.
Without each and every one of you Lucy and I could never have been able to pull off such a successful event.
I love seeing all the photos, the emotion, happiness and exhaustion – such great memories for the club of our first RNR.
We should be so proud, I see us as a small club (compared to many of the Norwich clubs) and we managed to not only put together a team of 17 runners, but a vast support crew too, not easy when you are asking somebody to drive for 2 1/2 hours during the night at a runners pace.
Lucy and I are very grateful to you all.
Shall we do it all again next year – 100% YES”
Official Results:
Stage 1: Kings Lynn to Hunstanton – Ana – 2:15:16
Stage 2: Hunstanton to Burnham Overy – Lorrain – 1:54:33
Stage 3: Burnham Overy to Wells-next-the-Sea – Cam – 50:59
Stage 4: Wells-next-the-Sea to Cley – Shane – 1:38:20
Stage 5: Cley to Cromer – Kyle – 1:29:03
Stage 6: Cromer to Mundesley – Will – 1:04:15
Stage 7: Mundesley to Lessingham – Stuart – 1:14:05
Stage 8: Lessingham to Horsey – Kevin S – 59:17
Stage 9: Horsey to Belton – And – 2:07:36
Stage 10: Belton to Earsham – Andy – 2:58:53
Stage 11: Earsham to Scole – Kevin H – 1:34:05
Stage 12: Scole to Thetford – David C – 2:24:17
Stage 13: Thetford to Feltwell – Tara – 1:44:27
Stage 14: Feltwell to Wissington – Alex – Stage cancelled due to police incident
Stage 15: Wissington to Downham Market – Gemma – 1:37:45
Stage 16: Downham Market to Stowbridge – Anna – 47:13
Stage 17: Stowbridge to Kings Lynn – Rob – 1:38:04
Total Time: 26:18:08

Gritstone Grind, Harling 10k & Wissey HM

Gritstone Grind 35 miles

On Sunday 3rd September I took on “Gritstone Grind”, a  35-mile race on the Gritstone Trail from Kidsgrove to Disley. The race name is very appropriate as you really have to grind your way through very long and very steep hills and often on adverse camber. Just as you think you’ve reached the top, there’s another hill around the corner waiting to be tackled! I like running on hills including uphills but didn’t find any during this race that I could manage so I hiked up those parts. The hiking itself especially over rocky terrain felt like doing creative lunges! The spectacular views of Cheshire made some of the climbs all worthwhile. The downhills helped me catch up with myself and attempt to meet all the 4 cutoffs. Lucky for me, the cutoffs were generous!

What made the race additionally tough was how hot it was on the day. Full sunshine all day was not easy to contend with. I managed my hydration quite well with water, Tailwind, coke, and some espresso and a Calippo that Tim got ready for me at a time when I was flagging mainly because of the heat. Tim was there to crew me at the points crew were allowed and knowing that I would be seeing him en route and of course at the end, was a great feeling.

Nutritionwise I could have done better. I couldn’t eat much on the uphills as I had to often ensure that I didn’t lose my balance. I was running the downhills at a fast-ish pace so eating was not preferred during these stretches either. I opted to eat on the flattish parts. Quavers, cheese biscuits and cheese blocks which I was carrying with me were the right choice.

My shoe choice for the race worked marvels. I was wearing my inov8 xtalon. It was the first time I had them in a race. They were excellent on rocky terrain and gravel and narrow paths near waterways as the grip on them were excellent making some of the more difficult downhills actually easy to run on.

I had some difficult moments during the race where I questioned what I was doing and why I was doing it especially when I saw people relaxing in their gardens and even in their private jacuzzis! But here I was on a mission to conquer the Gritstone Trail.  And conquer it I did 🏃🏻‍♀️


Harling 10k

Official Result:
Michelle – 1:02:21.4

Wissey Half Marathon

Unofficial Results (Strava):
Marie P – 2:13.0
Hayley – 2:26.0
Karrie – 2:26.0

Dereham 5k

Official Results:
Ant – 19:28.2
David C – 20:00.0
Kevin H – 20:33.9
Rob – 22:40.2
Paul – 22:56.7
Will – 23:53.8
Nita – 26:56.7
Michelle – 28:53.2

Great Yarmouth Half Marathon – 13th August 2023

Doing our bit for the environment and car sharing to the event made for an entertaining journey and for once I wasn’t at all worried about the race. Lucy, Kerrie, David, Kevin and I set off in good time to get to Gorleston to collect our numbers and get ready for the run.

Having done this event before I still forgot there was a lap of the field to do before leaving the academy’s grounds and heading out onto quiet and well marshalled country roads. Some very enthusiastic marshals and lots about with music, sweets and the all-important water stations; a couple of which also had hoses for those who needed a refreshing shower when passing through!

The route is a lollipop shape, turning right into Lound and passing the pub (no time to stop), we then went through Somerleyton gardens by special permission and then back round to close the loop and do the last leg. Running with Kerrie and Lucy was lovely and we spotted part of the Angles Way which we had done before together.

I also used this race as an opportunity to complete my sheepy shuffle entry for a virtual half, Shaun got lots of lovely comments 🐑

Definitely one to recommend!

Report by Kirsty L

Official results:
David C –  1:35:52
Kevin H – 1:40:21
Lucy M –  2:19:35
Kerrie – 2:27:39
Kirsty L – 2:27.39